Salat Time for Karachi.  
Islamic date: 11 Jamadi-uthani 1438
English date: 29 March 2017
Introduction to Jamia
Ruknul-Islam Jamia Mujaddidya

This renowned educational institution was established in the year 1956, very early years of Muhammad Mehmood Alwari(r.a.), who’s detailed introduction is narrated on separate pages.

 This Institution is providing a profound knowledge/education on Islamic as well as Secular Sciences. The present number of students comes to 550, most of them stay in the hostel as they come from all over the country. Ruknul-Islam Jamia does not charge any fee nor it had ever campaigned for the donations however those whom Allah the most gracious and the most merciful has rewarded with His love share their part and gather the eternal rewards.

 The present Chief Patron and the successor of Qibla Mufti Sahib Allama Dr. Abulkhair Muhammad Zubair (damat barakatuhum Aalia) is a model of enlightened wisdom, pure spirituality and leadership qualities. He is known for boldness and straight forwardness in the path of TRUTH.

 Before this Institution reached to the University standards it passed thru several tedious, devoted and selfless efforts of three generations, difficult to sum up but for a brief introduction and easy understanding we may divide the history in three periods (Eras).

The First Era:
After the creation of Pakistan, Hazrat Shah Mufti Muhammad Mehmood Alwari(r.a.) migrated from India and settled down in the city of Hyderabad Sind. Soon he realized that the Islamic knowledge among the Muslims specially, the Ahle-sunnat-wal-jamat was very week and masses were unaware of the faith they were following. So being a Scholar and an authority on academics of religion and having pure spirituality he started a School (Mdaresa), not just a School for Islamic Studies but an institution where he can produce spiritually benefitted people who would enlighten the Cities and the Villages and spread the message of peace and love which prophet Muhammad (salalah-o-elahiwasalm) brought for the humanity.